Word Brochure Template

Microsoft Office offers the option to small businesses and individuals to download a word brochure template from their archives and use them to their advantage. You can click on a new file and then opt for templates and then search for a word brochure template in various sections including installed templates and Microsoft Office Online. In the Microsoft Office 2007 version, you will have the option to choose from 46 different word brochure templates. These templates are available in a variety of sizes and the design element in each template is different as well. You can choose from an A4 tri-fold brochure template to a weathered book design template.

Microsoft Office now makes it really easy for any one with basic knowledge of Word to use a word brochure template to satisfy their business or personal objectives. Alternatively, you can also visit Microsoft website or even third party websites to download a word brochure template. Once you have downloaded a template, it will automatically open in Word and you can choose between a portrait and a landscape layout style. There are several pre-conceived layout designs available and using a word brochure template can really cut down on your time, money, and energy.

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