Manual Microsoft templates

Microsoft offers a very popular office suite application, with which various types of documents, presentations, brochures and pamphlets can be developed. Following are the steps that you need to follow to develop pamphlets or brochures from manual Microsoft templates supported by Microsoft office 2007:

  • The first step towards developing a pamphlet is to open a new Microsoft word document.
  • Then you are required to click File on the extreme top left and the click New from the drop down file menu to view a list of supported templates.
  • Then locate and select Brochures, for the inbuilt templates of pamphlets. After this, you can select a template design that suits best to your requirements.
  • You are the required to click Download to open the template for editing.
  • Now this will work as a regular Microsoft office document, which you can first save on your hard disk. To insert the content in the template you need to delete the sample text from each section where you want to write your own content, and after deleting you can insert the required content.
  • There are many formatting options on the toolbar on the top of the document which you can use to give your content the desired shape, size, look and color.


Manual Templates

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